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Prop Nut Torque

With the nice weather and the boating season in full swing in most parts of the United States, it is a good time to check the torque of the prop nut. This is part of the maintenance schedule and is recommended to be done after every 20 hours of use. The fact that the nut is […]

Lower Unit Gaskets

New type gaskets are being used on lower unit drain and oil level screws for all Yamaha outboard models beginning with January 2016 production. Yamaha is also supplying these new gaskets as replacement parts for all current and previous models; the previous part number supersedes to the new one. IMPORTANT These new-type black gaskets have […]

EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil

With the mild early winter enjoyed in many parts of the country, many boaters extended their fishing season. When they are finally ready to get their boat winterized, make sure to use Yamalube EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil. This product is designed to make the process of fogging an EFI motor quick and simple. Using […]

Is This The Right Propeller For Me?

One question often asked about props is, “How do I know if I have the correct pitch?” Luckily, that answer is pretty simple. At wide open throttle (WOT), with a normal load in your boat, your motor should be in the top 30% of its full throttle range. For the vast majority of Yamaha outboard […]

Battery Maintenance

Because boating season is almost in full swing and boats are continuously being taken out of storage, we thought it would be helpful to review the importance of battery maintenance. Caring for the electrical system is a crucial part of the boating maintenance schedule and the battery is at the heart of this system. Here […]

Why It Is Necessary To Torque Components

The flywheel key, also commonly called the Woodruff key, is used as a positioning device on the crankshaft to locate the flywheel (rotor) correctly. If the flywheel is not correctly positioned, various sensors (such as the crankshaft position sensor and pulse coil sensor) that take timing information from the flywheel will get incorrect information. The […]


Most people are familiar with the use of potentiometers even if they don’t know them by name. They are a simple form of a voltage divider that can be used in a circuit to send a varying voltage signal that is a fraction of the input voltage. The throttle position sensor (TPS) is one of […]

4.2L Timing Belt Replacement

The normal timing belt replacement interval on a 4-stroke outboard is 1000 hours or five years, whichever comes first. But an engine might need a service-related procedure that requires timing belt removal before then. This article deals with the safe removal and re-installation of the timing belt. Gain access to the belt by removing the […]