Removing Water Pump Anti-Knock Spring Retainer

Located above the water pump impeller on many two stroke and four stroke models, 115 hp~250 hp, there are two wave washers and a flat washer underneath a plastic spacer and metal retaining collar. These components minimize driveshaft movement, up and down, to quiet the knock sometimes heard at low speeds. They must be removed […]

Torqued! Yamaha Bolt Torque Information

Typically, there are two means of ensuring fasteners (screws, bolts, and nuts) to remain tight: Using the “elastic properties” of the fastener material to maintain clamping pressure Mechanically locking the fastener “Elastic properties”? That’s not something everyone stops to think about. Elasticity is the ability of material to deform (stretch) and return to its original […]

Yamaha F150 Balancer Questions

  F150 History The Yamaha F150 (F150TXR, TLR, XA, LA, XB and LB) is a solid reliable engine.  There are well documented cases of 8000 plus hours in well maintained commercial applications. ( Charleston Water Taxi Article ) The F150’s are still being produced today (2004-2020) in more or less the same configuration.  16 years […]

HPDI Medium Pressure Fuel Filter Replacement

We have had many customers ask us how to remove the HPDI slip joint connector from the medium pressure fuel filter. Here it is!   *Important* – Make sure you relieve the VST fuel pressure before attempting to change this filter! Visit the links below for the parts and tools shown in this video: Medium […]

First Look F425 XTO

4 Things to know about the new F425XTO After spending a week at Yamaha for service training on Yamaha’s newest state of the art outboard, the 425hp XTO V8 5.6ltr, I noticed that there seemed to be a specific customer Yamaha was appealing too with this new power plant.  According to Yamaha, the boating trend […]

We want to help you!

In order to assist you with finding parts, or diagnosing an engine issue, we need to have good and complete information.  Please make sure you have full motor model information, as well as boat or electronics information if applicable. Our site allows you to find parts by way of basic maintenance parts pages for each […]

New Yamaha F25

3 things you need to know about the new Yamaha F25 hp Outboard Yamaha came out with the new F25 “C” engine in 2018.  It replaces the heavier F25 that has been around for years.  The F25C engine is totally new from the gear case up.  It appears that Yamaha’s goal was to offer a […]

Y.E.S. – Yamaha Extended Service Warranty

Yamaha Extended Service – Y.E.S.  provides genuine Yamaha factory backed protection in their nationwide service network.  Repairs may be performed at any authorized Yamaha dealership in the United States.  There are no repair deductibles and no paperwork.  Yamaha works directly with your dealership, so you don’t have to file claims and wait for reimbursement.  Y.E.S. […]