Trim Signal Wire

When rigging or repowering a boat with Command Link® (CL) gauges, make sure that you connect the trim signal wire. The pink wires, with white connectors, are normally taped together in the lower pan. Remove the blind plugs and connect the two together. The ECM will now provide the trim signal for the CL gauges. […]


Although winter may not be on your minds in late summer, it is the time to start thinking about it.  Many of you will be busy winterizing your stern drive and inboard powered boats to prevent freezing of water that doesn’t self drain from the blocks and exhaust manifolds. Although outboard motors are self-draining, there […]

Speed Bumps

From time to time you may notice that your boat does not run as fast as it used to, or an identical boat is faster than yours, and you may be convinced the engine is the problem. Often, there are other factors or boat issues that cause the problem. Let’s take a few minutes go […]

Batteries And Chargers: What You Need To Know

Battery chargers are on almost every boat so lets take a look at some of the requirements and limit this discussion to lead acid batteries – not lithium-ion batteries. Lead acid batteries come in three types: wet cell, gel cell, and AGM(Absorbed Glass Mat). Since batteries are used on so many boats and for many […]

Prop Nut Torque

With the nice weather and the boating season in full swing in most parts of the United States, it is a good time to check the torque of the prop nut. This is part of the maintenance schedule and is recommended to be done after every 20 hours of use. The fact that the nut is […]

Lower Unit Gaskets

New type gaskets are being used on lower unit drain and oil level screws for all Yamaha outboard models beginning with January 2016 production. Yamaha is also supplying these new gaskets as replacement parts for all current and previous models; the previous part number supersedes to the new one. IMPORTANT These new-type black gaskets have […]

EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil

With the mild early winter enjoyed in many parts of the country, many boaters extended their fishing season. When they are finally ready to get their boat winterized, make sure to use Yamalube EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil. This product is designed to make the process of fogging an EFI motor quick and simple. Using […]