Speed Bumps

From time to time you may notice that your boat does not run as fast as it used to, or an identical boat is faster than yours, and you may be convinced the engine is the problem. Often, there are other factors or boat issues that cause the problem. Let’s take a few minutes go […]

Coming Soon! MyYamahaOutboards App

This spring, Yamaha will launch MyYamahaOutboards, an all new web portal and mobile app. It will give Yamaha Outboard owners an account-based view of all recorded maintenance history while providing additional notifications about upcoming key maintenance intervals. These platforms will link to Maintenance Tracking used by dealers to give Yamaha Outboard owners a personalized view […]

Yamaha 10 Pin Harness

Yes, the Yamaha wire color coding can be confusing! For people that don’t work on electrical systems regularly, this can be frustrating even when doing seemly easy service procedures. The 10-pin motor-to-boat harness connector is one of those items that can trip you up. We felt a simple color code chart and 10-pin connector layout […]

What Does My Yamaha Engine Model Code Mean?

Yamaha uses a model coding system to signify different specifications of a motor.  In the past few years they’ve revised their model code designations.  Earlier model codes used the designation chart below (courtesy of Yamaha’s Outboard & Rigging Parts Guide).  Note that the 2006 models don’t use a year designation as they did in 2005 […]