Throttle Friction Adjustment

Adjusting the Throttle Friction on controls is something that is unfortunately often
overlooked by both boat owners and servicing technicians. Either too much
friction or too little can make operation of the boat unsafe. Taking a few moments
to check and adjust the throttle friction will help ensure that your boating season
is both safe and enjoyable.

With the friction adjuster set too tight, setting the throttle at the desired level
becomes difficult and can cause very sudden boat movements as the throttle is
adjusted. If the throttle is set too loose it could easily be bumped into another
position. This is a concern for occupant safety while maneuvering at any speed
and can cause catastrophic engine damage if the throttle is shifted from forward
gear to reverse, while at speed. As the boat is traveling forward and is shifted into
reverse, the tremendous pressure being applied to the prop can cause the motor
to turn backwards. Water is drawn into the cylinders through the exhaust which
then hydro-locks the engine. The amount of damage done often necessitates a
complete powerhead replacement. This is not a warrantable defect.

Adjusting the throttle friction level is as simple as accessing the adjuster screw.
Normally either a flathead screwdriver or 4mm hex drive wrench is needed. The
friction level should be adjusted to hold the lever in position while allowing the
operator to safely set the throttle to the desired level. When more than one control
is present make sure that they are all adjusted the same.