Which trim and tilt cap wrench do I need?

We receive this question many times a day. We wish it were as cut and dry as ordering the wrench listed in your service manual for your motor, but it’s not that simple. We’ve found that the caps used on motors from the factory don’t always match what is listed as the replacement on the diagrams. Customers were frustrated with ordering the tool(s) listed in their manual, but upon receiving them realized they wouldn’t fit. Not to mention the Yamaha special tools, while high quality, can be higher in price.

Yamaha utilizes several different trim and tilt caps, so finding the right tool can be confusing. We have a pretty basic measurement system to make this easier.

The trim and tilt caps will either have a 4mm or a 6mm pinhole. It is important to measure both your trim and tilt caps if you are needing to work on both, so that you can order both tools if necessary. It is best to use a caliper for measuring.


Next, measuring the distance from the center of one pinhole to the center of the next, as if you were to measure four equal sides around the cap.  You do not want to measure in such a way as to draw a rectangle around the cap or an “X” through the piston.


The center-to-center measurement will be a little over an inch, or a little under.


Once you have those measurements you are ready to order. There are three different tool possibilities, two that utilize 4mm pins, and one that utilizes 6mm pins. We currently carry Marine Tech Tools as an alternative to Yamaha special tools. They are sturdy, and work with a ½” drive ratchet. Marine mechanics would benefit from having all three in their toolbox, and at their great price point, you can afford too.

The AMT0004 wrench will work on caps with 4mm pin holes, and a distance from center to center, of a little over an inch. (Replaces YB-06175-2B)

The AMT0006 wrench will work on caps with 4mm pin holes, and a distance from center-to-center, of a little under an inch. (Replaces YB-06175-1A)

The AMT0009 wrench will work on any caps with 6mm pin holes. (Replaces YB-06548)