HPDI Medium Pressure Fuel Filter Replacement

We have had many customers ask us how to remove the HPDI slip joint connector from the medium pressure fuel filter. Here it is!


*Important* – Make sure you relieve the VST fuel pressure before attempting to change this filter!

Visit the links below for the parts and tools shown in this video:
Medium Pressure Fuel Filter https://www.simyamaha.com/Yamaha_Fuel
Fuel hose clamp https://www.simyamaha.com/Yamaha_Fuel
Tool for crimping hose clamp https://www.simyamaha.com/Yamaha_Pinc
Tool for removing quick disconnect https://www.simyamaha.com/QUICK_RELEASE_FITTING_PLIERS_p/qrpliers.htm

4 thoughts on “HPDI Medium Pressure Fuel Filter Replacement

  1. What’s the part number for the quick disconnect?
    I removed the medium filter with needle nose plier s and mangled the black piece you push against. Thanks in advance

  2. I replaced 10 micron, main fuel filter and vst filter —- should I replace this one and the “mystery” filters or just see how it runs. It had not been run in 4 years but ran great up to being stored.

    1. This filter should be replaced every 100hrs according to Yamaha’s recommendation. If you changed the VST filter, change this one too.

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