Yamaha 10 Pin Harness

Yes, the Yamaha wire color coding can be confusing! For people that don’t
work on electrical systems regularly, this can be frustrating even when doing
seemly easy service procedures. The 10-pin motor-to-boat harness connector is
one of those items that can trip you up.

We felt a simple color code chart and 10-pin connector layout would benefit many.
This could be very helpful when trouble shooting suspected issues between the
motor and the console, or when the need might arise to power up a motor that
has been removed from a boat, such as when a YDIS download is needed.

The 10-pin main harness connection between the engine harness and boat
harness or tiller handle is the same for all year models and horsepower ranges.
The colors and positions of each wire are always the same and each controls
the same circuit every-time.