6YC Information Station

Today’s boater demands convenience, and insists on accurate and instant information about boat and outboard systems. With the plethora of modern electronics, the call is for more information and more available dash space than ever before. Yamaha answers the call with the 6YC “Information Station” display.

The 6YC Information Station display gives boat owners detailed information about their boat, vital outboard systems, even the environment; and displays it in multiple operator-selectable ways. This easy-to-read, color display provides convenience and a level of personalized information that
makes operating the boat effective, easy and enjoyable.

A single 6YC display can be used for up to two outboards, saving valuable console space while giving the operator more information in an easier-to-understand format than ever before.

Used with either Command Link® or Command Link Plus® protocols, Yamaha’s new 6YC Information Station displays feature:

• Comprehensive information on vital boat systems and engine functions, in either single or twin applications, on a single gauge.
• High definition, high contrast color with three easy-to-choose, operator-selectable color/ background configurations – day, night, and carbon fiber.
• Non-glare flat black surface.
• Cross-platform operation capability. Like the new 6Y8 round gauge introduced last year, it can be used with either Command Link or Command Link Plus systems.

• Ability to use in single or dual station applications.
• Engine RPM, fuel burn, and fuel economy information.
• Fuel level indication for up to two tanks.
• Operator-selectable bar graphs for vital engine systems like engine temperature, oil pressure, and battery voltage levels.
• Monitoring and digital display of engine water pressure, surface water temperature, and water depth*, all on one gauge.
• Recording of trip distance and engine hours – helpful for maintaining proper maintenance intervals.
• Compact, space-saving size – replaces up to three Command Link gauges (and the distance between them) and is narrower than our Command Link Plus display.**

Yamaha’s 6YC Information Station display is easily configurable by the operator, and installation is plug and play.** At approximately 6.5” wide, it’s narrower than our 6Y9 Command Link Plus display (approx. 7”) and replaces up to three 6Y8 Command Link square gauges (approx. 3.9” wide) and the distance between them. That significant savings in dash space gives users the freedom to utilize more of today’s electronics to find the fish, the bottom, the weather, whatever is most important to them.
Compact, convenient, customizable, complete. That’s Yamaha’s 6YC Information Station display.