Service Manuals – General Information

Service manuals are often viewed as a source of information to disassemble and
assemble outboards … which they are. But a closer look at the contents of a service
manual can prove surprising. In this series of articles, we will look at some of the
lesser-known sections that provide safety information, system technical data, product
features, rigging and other valuable information. Whether in print or online, a service
manual is one of the most powerful tools in a shop. Yamaha Outboard technology is far
too advanced to make assumptions or guesses concerning systems or specifications.
If you have a question regarding a Yamaha outboard motor, the answer is most likely
in the service manual. This month, we are going to discuss the highlights of General
Information, “Section 0” of the manual.

We start out with “Important Safety and Service Information.” To many of us, these might
seem like common sense. At Yamaha, safety is critical and we think everyone can use
a helpful reminder every now and then. Proper lifting, no open flames near gas, and the
importance of proper ventilation are just some of the topics discussed. Did you know
that poisonous gas and exhaust fumes are heavier than the air we breathe, and can
accumulate in the shop if an engine is running indoors? These vapors can cause loss of
consciousness and death, so make sure you are in an area with proper ventilation!

Another area of interest is “How to use this manual.” An explanation of commonly used
abbreviations, service data test conditions, and wire color codes. How many times
when troubleshooting have you wondered what is different between your test conditions
and the conditions when the specification was determined? Replicating test conditions
can remove doubt about whether a test result is acceptable or not. This section also
provides a detailed listing of proper types of lubes, sealants, and thread locking agents.
One of the more commonly asked questions is, “Where do I find part numbers for
Yamaha special tools?” The General Information section is your complete reference for
Yamaha special service tools for the model. How many times have you needed the right
test lead and had the wrong one? Or you cannot find a specific oil filter wrench? When it
is time to order, use this resource to make sure you are ordering the right tool for the job.
We hope this helps to highlight some of the useful features of the General Information
section of Yamaha Service Manuals. We return next month to cover the Specifications section.