What Does This Engine Icon Mean On My Gauge?

Have you wondered what the engine icon appearing on the Command Link® 6Y8 round gauge means?

The icon may appear even if the engine seems to be running fine. If taken to a dealership, your dealer may not find a code or anything wrong. Unlike its sister gauge, the 6Y8 square gauge, the new round style does not display “maintenance” as a reminder across the bottom of the screen. Instead, it displays an engine icon in the top right corner of the gauge, as seen in the pictures below.

So, how do you recognize what this means? Does the gauge show hours flashing when the engine is started? If so, this is an indication that it is a maintenance reminder.
How do you reset the gauge or tell your customer how to reset it? It’s a very simple procedure. First, turn the engine OFF and the key switch back to ON. Next, hold the “mode” button in for four seconds to activate the custom mode in order to switch to the reset display. Now, press “set” and “mode” together at the same time for one second. The maintenance hours should go back to “0” and will automatically return to the normal display. Please note that resetting the maintenance hours does NOT affect the total number of hours on the engine. At this point, the engine icon should be
gone. It’s a good idea every time you perform a service to reset the maintenance hours whether you see the engine icon reminder or not.