Quick Tip: Removing HPDI Fuel Injectors

Removing HPDI fuel injectors from the cylinder heads can be a struggle, particularly in saltwater applications.

Corrosion can build up between the injector and the pocket in the cylinder head. To block corrosion build-up and ease future removal, apply a light coat of Yamaha WR#2 waterproof grease (pn 90790-74046-00) to the metal injector body when reinstalling injectors. Note: Do not apply grease to the nozzle or the gasket sealing surface. Also, apply Yamalube 4M motor oil to the O-ring that seals to the fuel rail. This tip won’t help you get the injectors out the first time, but it will help you or your coworker the next time the customer runs another load of crummy fuel through the system.

When reinstalling four stroke fuel injectors lubricate the seals and O-rings with Yamalube 4M motor oil to ease future removal from the fuel rail and intake manifold or cylinder head.