Lower Unit Gaskets

New type gaskets are being used on lower unit drain and oil level screws for all Yamaha outboard models beginning with January 2016 production.

Yamaha is also supplying these new gaskets as replacement parts for all current and
previous models; the previous part number supersedes to the new one.

These new-type black gaskets have a different installation and torque procedure than
the previous type:
• Apply clean oil to the screw threads and both gasket surfaces. Install the drain or
oil level screw.
• Tighten just until seated and then turn the screw an additional 45 degrees to
achieve the proper torque or tighten to 7 51 Nm (0.7 +0.1 m-kgf, 5.2 50.7 lb-ft).

Excessive torque and/or lack of oil on the threads and gasket surfaces could
damage the gasket, resulting in an oil leak and/or water entering the lower unit.