EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil

With the mild early winter enjoyed in many parts of the country, many boaters extended their fishing season. When they are finally ready to get their boat winterized, make sure to use Yamalube EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil.

This product is designed to make the process of fogging an EFI motor quick and simple. Using traditional fogging oils can be difficult on modern engines with a single throttle body and large common intake plenum. Yamalube EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil is designed specifically for these EFI engines.

To help ensure that not only the motor but also the fuel system components under the cowling are properly treated, both Yamalube Ring Free Plus and
Fuel Stabilizer & Conditioner Plus are already blended in this product, making it a 1-step operation*.

Using a portable fuel tank, mix a batch using 2 gallons of fresh fuel and 1 quart of EFI Engine Storage Fogging Oil. Drain the fuel from the VST tank – this will greatly reduce the amount of time you will need to run the engine to ensure complete fogging. Attach the portable tank to the fuel system and prime. Then run the motor on a flush kit and keep the engine speed at a fast idle, around 700~1000 rpm is great. Look for a steady, somewhat heavy smoke coming out of the exhaust. This will normally take between 10 to 15 minutes. Stop the engine and reconnect the boat’s fuel line.

Once fuel system treatment and fogging are finished, you can finish
the rest of the winterization process.

*IMPORTANT: Ensure the boat’s fuel
tank and system are treated with
Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and
Conditioner Plus prior to performing
the fogging procedure.